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Bio Degradable Products
Kitchen Products
Table Cloth
Disposable Bowls
Plastic Bowl
Styrofoam Bowl
Microwave Paper Bowl
Other Products
Tape Dispenser
Impulse Sealer
Price Labeller
Skin Paper
Bubble Wrap / Carton Box
Ice Box
Detergent / Washing Liquid
Doyley Paper / Cake Case
Doyley Paper (Round)
Doyley Paper (Oval)
Doyley Paper (Rectangular)
Cake Case (Floral)
Wine Glass
Clean Wrap / Pallet Wrap
Pallet Wrap
Clean Wrap
Red Net
Industrial Product
Disposable Plates
Styrofoam Plate
Paper Plate
Plastic Plate
Foam Tray
OPS Cake Boxes
Cake Box without Lock
Cake Box With Lock
Microwave / Plastic Containers
CNY Containers
Rectangular Microwave Containers in Singapore - Liangteck
Microwave Square Container
Round Microwave Containers in Singapore – liangteck.com
Aluminium Foil / Ware
Foil Tray
Aluminium Foil
BBQ Accessories
Bento Box / Yusheng Tray
Sushi Tray
Bento Box
Disposable Cups
AO Series Plastic Cup
Y Series Plastic Cup
Plastic Cups (Colour)
Plastic Cup | Disposable Plastic Cups Singapore – www.liangteck.com
Paper Cup | Disposable Paper Cups Singapore – www.liangteck.com
Paper Cold Cups
Styrofoam Cup | Customised Styrofoam Cup, Foam Bowl, Foam Cup
PET Cups
Hand Gloves
Industrial Tape
Cloth Tape
Cellulose Tape
9mm Bakery Tape
Masking Tape
OPP Tape
Paper Products
Toilet Paper
Tissue Box / Pocket Tissue
Wet Towel
Paper Napkin
Serviette / Kitchen Towel
Packaging Bags
Ziplock Bags
HD Bags
PP Bag (0.04mm)
Thin Pack
PP Bag (0.08mm)
OPP Bag with Self Adheshive Tape
PE Bag (0.04mm)
PE Bag (0.08mm)
Plastic Cutlery
Plastic Knife | Disposable Plastic Knife Singapore - Liangteck
Satay Stick
Rubber Band
Chilli Plate
Disposable Chopsticks Singapore – Liangteck
Plastic Fork | Disposable Plastic Fork Singapore - Liangteck
Plastic Spoon | Disposable Plastic Spoon in Singapore
Plastic Carrier Bags
Full White Carrier Bag
Carrier Ear Bag
Transparent Carrier Bag
Carrier Bags
Drinking Straws
Raffla String
Rubbish Bags
Clear Rubbish Bag
Black Rubbish Bag
White Rubbish Bag
Take Away Packaging
String Bag
Paper Box
Paper Bag
Microwave Paper Box
Food Wrapping Paper
Styrofoam Boxes
Kraft Box & Bowl
Rubber Band
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